Performance with Hillcrest High School Drill Team

IMG_8195Hillcrest High School invited us to perform in their drill team showcase, so last night levels 4 and 5 got to do a bonus performance.  We took In This Shirt, Wicked Games, and History Repeating.  We all spent an hour in a technique class together, ran a quick rehearsal and then loaded up to go perform.  It was fun to change it up a little from our standard Tuesday. Continue reading

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Utah Dance Fest 2017 Recap

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and this past weekend, we were a beautiful village.  I saw some amazing dancing, but today, I’m proud of our team for another reason.  We took care of each other in a way that makes me so happy to be part of this DC family.  IMG_8073Jessica and Natalie stepped in when Tracy couldn’t make the trip to Logan (get well soon!) and took care of Kelli with the same love and care they give their own dancers.  Mari made sure we all stayed fed.  Dana jumped in to help with a hair emergency.  Tuija offered up earrings.  Shandy took care of an ill dancer.  Parents helped run music for rehearsals.  Our dancers went so far above and beyond in the way they took care of each other I can’t even tell you the details 😉 Everyone drove each other’s dancers around, shared what they had and functioned like a true team.  I feel bad that I can’t name them all, but every time I turned around there was help being offered.  We were short on staff this weekend and you guys stepped up in every way possible. 
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Teacher Highlight – Miss Ali!


Hi! My name is Ali Hyde and I teach ballet. I’ve done ballet for as long as I can remember and absolutely love it! I grew up in Sandy, went to Hillcrest High and then moved to Logan to go to Utah State University. I graduated in Family Finance and loved how practical my degree was and how I can use it in my daily life even if I don’t have an actual 9-5 job.  I met my husband, Andrew at USU and have been married for 8 years. We have 3 kids; Jackson (5), Ila (3) and Everly (1). I love spending time with my family, going to Ballet West and a good Diet Coke!
Favorite Snack: Straws Sugar Cookie
Favorite Movie: Date Night
If you could be any super hero who would you be: Cat Woman
One word to describe yourself: Disciplined
Favorite thing about dance: I love that there is a perfect way to do each step, clear rules and structure. I love that you can work your entire life on the basics and keep getting better and better and working harder and harder. I love a nice slow adage that I can really sink my teeth in.
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Releve Saratoga Springs Dance Competition

We kicked off our 2017 competition season this weekend at the Releve Saratoga Springs competition.  Friday night was for soloists and we brought a handful of first timers as well as our veteran soloists who have been at this for years.  A number of our dancers received high overall awards including:
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NW Dance Project Audition

Audition classes are great to attend, even if you don’t plan to attend the program you’re auditioning for.  Treat them like a master class and use them to get exposed to teachers and styles you wouldn’t normally come in contact with.  Saturday North West Dance Project will be auditioning for their summer program at the University of Utah.  Dancers ages 14 and up are encouraged to attend.  You can find more information at

NW Audition

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Still Looking For The Perfect Gift?


Are you still looking for that perfect gift for the dancer in your family?  Well look no further, BYU Dance Camps make the perfect gift.

With multiple different camps to choose from there is sure to be the perfect one for your dancer!


BYU Dance Camps offer dance instruction in ballet, ballroom, clogging, tap, step, ethnic, folk, jazz, and contemporary. Whatever the level, whatever the age, if you want to dance we have a program for you!

Exceptional faculty from BYU’s Department of Dance, along with world-renowned guest instructors, direct and teach our Dance Camps.

BYU Dance Camps are deisgned to teach you as much as possible, while you have lots of fun. You will even have the chance to show off what you have learned in an end-of-camp showcase.

Simply Click Here! to check out the multiple classes, you can also print off a Christmas or Birthday gift certificate here.

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Teacher Highlight – Miss Kalli!!


Kalli Parkin has been cartwheeling through this world since the age of 2.  She started competing in dance at 7 years old.  She was able to learn many styles from countless choreographers and teachers.  Jazz, tap and tumbling were always her strongest and favorite classes.  Kalli also trained and competed in gymnastics at several gyms and she was a cheerleader at Copper Hills High School.  Her senior year, Kalli made the switch to Copper Hill’s Dance Company to continue her truest passion and to share the love of dance.  In dance company, Kalli found she had an untapped love of modern dance.  Kalli later attended SLCC and was a 4 year member of their performing dance company, as well, she served as vice president and president.  Dancing and performing may be among Kalli’s passions, but you cannot deny her natural talent in working with kids.  She is a kid at heart, and the little ones love her.  Kalli knows kids can smell a phony, so she gives her whole heart to every student.  She is happy to share her love of dance with her students and to help them grow and learn each day.  Her favorite milestone in teaching, is when her youngest students learn to skip.  When not at the studio you will probably find her shopping at Target.  She also enjoys sunshine, sweet tea, breakfast and camping with her husband, Jeremy and their little dancer, Isadora.  Kalli has been teaching for over 18 years.

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Winter Recital Order 2016

Our Winter Recital is just around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited to see all our dancers perform!

Recital is Tuesday, December 20th. We have 2 shows, one at 6:00 pm and the other at 8:00 pm. Below is the show order and also shows which dance is in which show.

Recital will be held at Murray High School (5440 State Street).  Tickets are on sale now!



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Thanking Our Supporters

stoddard-thank-youOur Butterbraid fundraiser was amazing!  We earned nearly $5000 profit for our competition team costumes and entry fees.  The Stoddard family is already laying the groundwork for a fantastic fundraiser again next year.  Heidi sends out personal thank you cards to everyone who bought bread from her girls.  What a great way to ensure repeat customers and to show our appreciation to everyone supporting us.  Heidi knows what she’s doing too – her family made $694 in this year’s fundraiser – so take a page out of her play book.

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DC Alumni Update: Mikel Young

mikel-pageantMikel Young, one of our amazing Dance Concepts alumni, recently was named  4th attendant in the Miss Dixie State Pageant.  Mikel didn’t leave the dance world when she graduated.  She’s currently in her third year as a scholarship dancers on the Dixie State University Dance Team where she has been able to choreograph a number of dances and also preform as a soloist.  Mikel is the Head Choreography Captain of the Dixie State Competition Dance Team and if that wasn’t enough, she also coaches Snow Canyon Drill Team.  She does it all while working away at her degree from Dixie (she’s a junior this year) and generally killing it at life. Continue reading

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