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    Solo Showcase: June 6th

    Spring Showcase: June 6th


A How To Guide to a DC Recital


Recitals are a very exciting time for everyone involved. If you're new to dance, or new to Dance Concepts, you may be wondering what to expect when it comes to the recitals. We do our best to make them easy and fun for parents. Below you'll find a quick guide to walk you through the excitement.


The weeks before the recital:


When you recieve your costume, there will be a paper inside telling you how to do your hair and makeup and other details about the show.  You'll also recieve a pair of tights if tights are being worn with your costume.  Read through the page when you get it and ask any questions you might have in advance.  Be sure and note which show your dancer is in.  Most dancers perform in either the 6:00 show or the 8:00 show.  Check the size of tights you were given.  If you prefer a different size, you are welcome to exchange your pair (unopened) at the front desk.  If you've lost your paper, we are happy to print a new one for you.


Pick up your tickets the weeks before the show to get them for the discounted price.  Audience members ages 3 and up are required to have a ticket.  Tickets will be available at the door as well, but are discounted if you buy them in advance.  If you will be attending both the 6:00 and 8:00 shows, you do not need to purchase two tickets.


Make sure your dancer has the correct shoes, in the correct color for the show.  Ask your teacher if you aren’t sure or check the page that came with your costume.


Consider volunteering to be a class mom.  Volunteers are vital to us being able to produce a quality show and keep the dressing room as calm and organized as possible.  It’s also an opportunity for you to share the experience of the recital more fully with your dancer.  We love and adore our class moms.  The recital couldn’t happen without them!  If you are interested in volunteering backstage at the recital, please contact the front desk.



The Day of the Show


What to Wear:


Dancers should do their hair and makeup before they come to the show.  Different classes will wear different hair styles so be sure to check the note sent home with your dancer for your specific hair style.  Makeup helps dancers features show up on stage.  We suggest even our youngest dancers wear makeup to help their faces show up.  Wear foundation, blush, brown eye shadow, eyeliner, and black mascara.  Choose a lipstick that compliments your dancers natural tones.  Avoid anything extremely bright or dark on young dancers.


Go ahead and dress in your costume.  If you have a Dance Concepts jacket wear that over the top.  If you are in more than one dance, check our blog for the show order so you know which costume you'll be wearing first.


What to Bring:


Younger dancers may want to bring a book or small toy to entertain them backstage.  We typically have DVDs playing and coloring pages, but if there is something that works well for your dancer feel free to send it with her.  Older dancers may want to bring supplies to touch up their hair or make up.  Please do not send food, candy, or colored drinks backstage with your dancer.  Do not bring valuables… they will be unattended at some point while your dancer is on stage.  Also, label everything with your dancers name.


When You Arrive:


Take your dancer to use the restroom.  Dancers should report to their dressing rooms 30 minutes before the show starts.  Please do not bring your dancer to the dressing room prior to that because our staff will still be setting up and preparing to receive dancers.  There are a mix of older and younger dancers in our dressing rooms.  Please be respectful of this and do not allow men to accompany your dancer to the dressing room.  Younger dancers will have a volunteer mom backstage with their class.  Find your class mom and introduce your dancer.  Then go find yourself a seat in the audience, our dressing room staff will take care of your dancer from here.  All performers stay backstage until the conclusion of the show.


Audience Etiquette:


Recitals are a great opportunity for dancers to learn and grow, but also a good time to teach the whole family about appropriate audience behavior for a live show.  Please do not bring food or drink into the auditorium.  Also, do not save large blocks of seats for friends and family.


We work hard to keep our recitals a reasonable length.  As a courtesy to the performers, we ask that all audience members stay for the entire show. As in a professional show, all performers are to stay backstage until the show is over.  Please, whenever possible, stay seated during the performance.  If you must leave, do so between dances.  You are welcome to photograph or video the performance as long as you do not use a flash.  Please be courteous to those around you and do not block another audience member’s view.


After the Show:


Dancers over the age of 10 will be released to meet their family and friends in the common area outside of the auditorium.  For younger dancers, please send one female adult to the dressing room to pick up your child.  Dancers will not be released until the end of the show.  As a courtesy to those performing later in the show, please do not leave the audience to pick up your dancer until after the final number.


That’s it!  Congratulate your dancer and take the family out for ice cream!




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