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Class Descriptions

Dance With Me (age 2 with a parent or adult):

Often called a "Mommy and Me" class, Dance With Me is open to 2 year olds with their mom, dad, aunt, grandma, or anyone else looking for a way to bond with their child through one on one interaction. Spend quality time with your child as they discover their bodies and capabilities. Dance With Me will enhance your child's balance, coordination and gross motor skills. He/she will learn to function in a classroom setting and interact with other 2 year olds. You will meet like minded parents and enjoy the benefits of light exercise. Most importantly you will be there when your child's face lights up with imagination and creativity as they explore dance for the first time.


First Steps (ages 3):

Imagine your child floating like a butterfly and jumping like a frog. Our First Steps program uses creative play and engaging props to introduce students to basic ballet and tap skills. Designed with the youngest students in mind, this 45 minute class goes beyond dancing as it encourages social development and teaches classroom skills. Our dancers love coming to class each week and always steal the show at our year end performance.


Petite Performers (ages 4-5):

Is your child a dancer at heart? Let her/him leap over a river, and bloom like a flower in our Petite Performers program. Dancers will practice plies, tendus, shuffles, and so much more in this one hour class that covers both ballet and tap. With an emphasis on fun, dancers learn correct technique and terminology as they explore the joy of dance.


Rising Stars (ages 5-7):

Rising Stars takes dancers beyond previous preschool dance classes. In ballet, dancers begin traditional exercises at the barre and start developing correct alignment and body placement. Rising Stars also introduces Jazz allowing dancers to enjoy fun, upbeat music while continuing to improve their technique. Dancers in Rising Stars not only make great leaps in their dancing abilities, but continue to develop a love for dance, create friendships, and build the confidence that comes from achievement.


Hip Hop (ages 4-18):

Hip Hop is an upbeat, athletic style of dance popular with both boys and girls. Whether you want a fun way for your son or daughter to exercise, or a place for them to meet new friends and build confidence, you'll find what you're looking for in our Hip Hop classes. Dancers will learn stylized movements, popping and locking, and basic stalls. You can feel confident sending your dancer to Dance Concepts since we use current and clean music in all of our dance classes.


Ballet (ages 7-18):

Dancers in our ballet classes build strength, grace, poise, and flexibility. Our classes are carefully designed to follow a logical progression, allowing our students to see themselves advance. Their confidence soars as they see their hard work paying off (a great life lesson for all of us). Dancers learn the standard dance positions and their corresponding French terminology. As dancers advance they are invited to begin Pointe work. While maintaining a disciplined and respectful class environment, we at Dance Concepts believe ballet should be fun-and it is!


Jazz (ages 7-18):

Jazz is an exciting and upbeat form of dance! Dancers learn kicks, turns and work on improving their strength and flexibility. Styles of Jazz range from the dance you see on a Broadway stage, to the dance in a basketball half time show. Set to popular music, Jazz is pure energy and tons of fun!


Contemporary/Modern (ages 7-18):

Contemporary is a newer dance form merging aspects of lyrical and modern. It's focus is on portraying emotion through movement. While it may borrow movements from Ballet and Jazz, Contemporary often pushes into completely unique motions to create a raw, powerful product. Contemporary class is better suited as a compliment to a Ballet or Jazz class. We do not suggest students take Contemporary as a stand alone class since they will need the technique developed through Ballet and Jazz to succeed.


Stretch and Conditioning (ages 10-18):

Dancers have specialized athletic training needs. This class addresses those needs through strength training focusing on core stability, foot, ankle, leg and arm strength. Deep stretching will improve dancer's range of motion and result in long lean muscles, higher kicks, bigger leaps, and a beautiful arabesque line. This is a great compliment to any ballet or jazz class.


Tumbling For Dancers (ages 4+):

In this class we work on the tumbling skills dancers use most to add a little extra flair to your performance. The primary focus of this class is aerials and back walkovers and/or back handsprings.

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