IMG_0115“I don’t do scary” said Alina 2 days before our escape room at Alcatraz Games.  “It won’t be very scary,” I reassured her.  I had booked us into the Zombie Panic experience for our staff “holiday” party.  It’s a room with puzzles, how scary could it be?

Two days later we found ourselves running into a small dark room.  The door closed and, what could have only been a zombie banged behind it.  We all screamed and when the noise died down all I could think was “What have I gotten us in to?”  Then Julie found some flashlights and we got to work.

To be fair, it was a LOT more scary than expected.  Over the next hour we solved puzzles, screamed our brains out and learned a little more about our awesome staff. 

We learned the Ali is the one you want to have on your side if you ever find yourself on the wrong side of a dark street.  Julia has no problems just doing what needs to be done.  Danielle, our newest desk staff, probably won’t be recruited into the NBA any time soon.  Marisa, of course, knows how to work a kitchen scale.  Julie is the puzzle solver.  And Alina, like all of us, is probably braver than first thought.

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