Two Dancers Dressed in School UniformsA while back we stumbled upon a great blog post by Sarah Jukes on why ballet dancers make great employees.  We’d suggest that the same things make them excellent students at school.

Sarah notes that dancers are:

  • Teachable – they take correction well
  • Flexible – not just in their bodies, but their minds as well
  • Fast Learners – they translate instruction into action immediately
  • Always Prepared – a good pirouette starts with a great prep
  • Hard Workers – it’s the only way to get anywhere in dance
  • Team Players – they work together to make something beautiful

On one hand it’s amazing that so many of our dancers excel not only in the studio, but it school as well – some of them spend more hours a week dancing than many teens do in part time jobs.  On the other hand, the lessons and disciplines leaned dancing transfer so well into school work that it makes perfect sense.

Read her full article at:

And just for fun… here’s a dance about doing homework:

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