We are deeply proud of so many of our dancers who have come through Dance Concepts.  Not because they have all gone on to have professional dance careers – few do – but because they go on to be confident, capable people who contribute so much to our world.  Our new series “Where Are They Now” will highlight our past dancers and let you catch up on some old friends you may remember watching perform.

Lucy Hutchins (then Lucy Bergstrom) was a Dance Concepts dancer from 2005 (the first year Erica owned DC and Julie came on as our first teacher) through 2010.  Lucy now is the founder and owner of Moby Thrift.  Together with her husband, she’s fighting sweatshop labor, encouraging a sustainable future, and making fashion more fun and affordable.  We interviewed Lucy to learn a little more about her journey:

When did you first become interested in owning a thrift store?

I remember being like 16 or 17 walking into a vintage store, not just your average Goodwill or Savers, but a curated extravagant vintage store. I was in awe and that was the first time I thought I wanted this to be a part of my future. 

Where did the name Moby come from?

When I created this business plan I originally wanted it to be in an Airstream trailer and travel around the country bringing people thrifted goods. So since it would be a mobile thrift store the original name was Mobi Thrift. 

When we decided to have it be an online store we kept the name and added a Y to the end and made our logo a whale! 

What’s been the biggest challenge of getting your business started?

I work a full time job and I also do Moby full time. So trying to balance both while maintaining a marriage, friendships, free time and family time has been very hard! 

Do you have a favorite piece of clothing that you currently own?  Or one that has come through the store and gone to another home?

I have a vintage slip and robe and a vintage Oscar De La Renta blouse I got from the same store in Las Vegas on two different trips. Those are two of my favorite items that I own! 

I have so many favorites we have sold in our shop. I love all of our vintage crew neck sweaters, and we have been taking two pairs of jeans and cutting off one leg and sewing it on to the other making it one of kind.

I love being able to provide people with something no one else has. 

How has owning Moby changed you as a person?

I had no idea what I was capable of before I started a business! I have been able to see more of my potential and what I am capable of. Also I am much more extroverted. Doing pop up shops has been so awesome to meet new people and interact with our customers. 

What is one thing you hope for in the coming year?

Hopefully we will be able to move Moby out of our house and get our own space! 

If you were starting your business over again, what is one thing you would do differently?

I would not run it in my house! I would get a business loan at the very beginning to be able to have a separate space, running a business in your home is no joke! 

Since you work in fashion now… looking back what was your favorite dance costume? 

Proud Mary for sure! Ripping that brown dress to reveal a gold sequin dress and whipping my hair around is unforgettable. 

Lucy in her Proud Mary costume

How did you time at Dance Concepts help prepare you for what you do now?

Being a dancer for as long as I was has helped shape who I am. It taught me discipline, friendship, quick learning, stamina, leadership, and how to be a team player. I am so grateful for dance! 

How could our DC community help support you now?

Come to our pop up shops! Share our posts on Instagram! Tell your friends about us and that shopping second hand is better for our planet! 

What advice would you give our current dancers?

Take every opportunity that comes your way. Listen to your body. Love yourself. In the dance world there is so much comparison and it is very easy to become jealous. 

You are amazing just the way you are and there will never be another dancer like you. Improvement comes with lots of consistent hard work! Don’t give up!

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