They say it takes a village to raise a child, and this past weekend, we were a beautiful village.  I saw some amazing dancing, but today, I’m proud of our team for another reason.  We took care of each other in a way that makes me so happy to be part of this DC family.  IMG_8073Jessica and Natalie stepped in when Tracy couldn’t make the trip to Logan (get well soon!) and took care of Kelli with the same love and care they give their own dancers.  Mari made sure we all stayed fed.  Dana jumped in to help with a hair emergency.  Tuija offered up earrings.  Shandy took care of an ill dancer.  Parents helped run music for rehearsals.  Our dancers went so far above and beyond in the way they took care of each other I can’t even tell you the details 😉 Everyone drove each other’s dancers around, shared what they had and functioned like a true team.  I feel bad that I can’t name them all, but every time I turned around there was help being offered.  We were short on staff this weekend and you guys stepped up in every way possible. 

And now… the results!


IMG_8070Attendants:  Matilda, Kenna, Rebeka, Savannah, Saige

4th Attendants: Kelli

3rd Attendants: Olivia O, Kate Homer,

2nd Attendants: Aspen, Isabel, Nevaeh, Kenzie, Olivia W, Savannah, Mikalea, Olivia R

1st Attendants: Katelyn A, Maren, Allie


Silver: Feelin Good

High Silver: Something Wild, Divas, You Don’t Know, Spotlight, Portrait, Lost at Sea, Swell Season

Gold: Close My Eyes, Aint Nothing Wrong, La La La, There Will Be Time, History Repeating Itself

High Gold: Voice Things, In This Shirt, Wicked Games


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