Here is the schedule for UDF April 15-16.  Please note that Big Time is performing on Friday.  Girls in Big Time do not need to come to the rest of the competition on Saturday.


  • Miss Otis                                11:15am
  • Schweine                              11:15am
  • The Flame                            11:15am
  • Still Alive                               11:45am
  • Consideration                      12:00pm
  • A Thorn                                  12:00pm
  • Talking to the Moon            1:45pm
  • Creator                                  2:15pm
  • Maria                                      3:00pm
  • Mea                                        3:00pm
  • Prelim Awards in gym (solos) 4:00pm
  • Big Time                                  6:00pm
  • Awards for Big Time            6:30pm
  • Virtual Diploma                    8:30pm
  • Meddle                                  9:30pm
  • We Will Not Grow Old         9:45pm
  • Final Awards                        10:30pm


  • #6           Tea Party                               8:15am
  • #18         One Night In Bangkok        8:50am
  • #28         Dinah                                     9:20am
  • #42         Lorraine                                 10:00am
  • #54         Gray                                       11:00am
  • Prelim Awards for #1-80                    12:50pm
  • #81         Both Reached for the Gun 1:15pm
  • #89         Fugata                                   1:30pm
  • #105       Another Town                       2:30pm
  • Prelim Awards for #81-166               6:00pm
  • Final Awards                                        10:30pm

Utah Dance Fest is running their awards quite differently this year.  There will be a preliminary award ceremony on Friday which will involve all of our solos.  They will read placements in this ceremony but will not do overalls.  Solos who place in their preliminary award ceremony on Friday should attend the Final Awards where they will present overall awards.  On Saturday during the preliminary award ceremonies they will read color placements (silver, gold, platinum).  The final award ceremony will be for group overalls, style awards (best ballet, tap, jazz, etc), as well as any other special awards.



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