This year’s Utah Dance Fest has to be one of the longest competitions we have ever attended.  If it wasn’t for our amazing dancers and team parents I don’t know how we would have survived!

Friday started out EARLY at 7:15AM!  Our Mini and Junior dancers performed so well (I mean just look at that picture of Danna above).  Then our teens and seniors brought it after the lunch break.  They spent this last week talking about worrying less about the technique and just dancing – hitting it as hard as they can, and it showed on stage.

Awards came in as follows:

  • Callie: 3rd Attendant
  • June:  Attendant
  • Danna: 2nd Attendant
  • Chalese: Attendant
  • Abby: Queen – plus OVERALL Novice Queen
  • Evie: Attendant
  • Piper: Attendant
  • Illa: Queen
  • Matilda: Queen
  • Lexie: 1st Attendant
  • Kamryn: 
  • Abbie (Elektro):
  • Kate A: Queen
  • Izzy: 1st Attendant
  • Kaelynn: Attendant
  • Abbie (A+E):
  • Katelyn A: Attendant
  • Betsy: Attendant
  • Rebeka (People Help): Queen
  • Olivia O: 1st Attendant
  • Aspen: Gold
  • Rebeka (Bellyache): 1st Attendant

Awards were wrapping up and they were awarding the Overalls when we heard a song started to play.  It took all of us a fraction of a second to realize that we KNEW that song!  It was Abby’s solo and she was being named the Overall Novice Queen.  It was such a fun moment for all of us and an amazing way to end the evening (ok, not really END the evening… Julie and Erica may have parked in a questionable space and had to deal with getting a boot removed from the car before the night was really over)

Saturday we were back at 6:30 AM.  Really! Our groups performed over the next 15 hours and we consumed more caffeine than a healthy people probably should.  

Saturday awards were:

  • Open a Book: Gold
  • Wake Me Up: Gold
  • Hero: Gold – plus Tiny OVERALL GRAND CHAMPIONS
  • Game Over: Gold
  • Betty Boop: Gold
  • The Floor is Lava: Gold
  • Uptown Somethin: Gold
  • Icon/Bodak: Gold
  • Complaint Department: Gold
  • Brother: Gold
  • Distortion: Gold
  • Hey Jude: Gold
  • Crazy in Love: High Gold
  • Defiance: Gold

Again, we were thrilled to get called in the overalls!  The final award ceremony was late, and all of these girls had gone home many hours before, but Hero was named Tiny Overall Grand Champions.  They are the CUTEST team and we absolutely love them!  We can’t wait for all of you to see their dance in the recital this June.

Our team competes again this Saturday at BOLD in Capitol Theatre.

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