IMG_2367Here is the preliminary schedule for this weekend!  Remember that it is preliminary.  You should check the program for any schedule changes as soon as you arrive at the competition.  Remember you need to be at the school at least 90 minutes before your scheduled time.  Don’t forget to come cheer for the dances you are not in and to be dressed in your DC warmups when you are not on stage or in your master class!The competition is held at Twin Falls High School at 1615 Flyer Ave.  On Friday we will be in the auditorium which is on the east side of the school.  There are not assigned dressing rooms on Friday so just look for our group in the area just outside of where you enter the auditorium.  Watch for our dancers and ask the competition staff if you can’t find us.  We will do our best to be looking for you!  Make sure you are in your DC gear so we can spot you.  Since this is our first time at this competition allow yourself a little extra time to find your way.  Once you find your team, stay with the group.

Admission to this competition is free.  Programs will be available for $5 and do make it a lot easier to follow what’s going on.  You’ll probably enjoy your day more if you buy one.  There is no flash photography allowed.  There will be a professional photographer taking live action shots available for purchase.  Video is allowed, but only of our own dances.

Each dancer will receive a bag tag from Erica.  Do not lose your tag!  You will need this to get in to your master class as well as to get your participation award.  In addition to our team trophies, each dancer gets a “diamond” participation award.  At any time during the competition you can take your bag tag to Releve Services table to redeem it for your participation award.

The master classes are being taught by Kylie Bronk.  Kylie was the same master class teacher that was in Saratoga Springs last year when Rebekah WON the Releve Rockout.  For the master class you should wear regular dance clothes.  Look your best and try and wear something memorable.  Then leave a great impression.  Be sure to thank Kylie after the class is over and maybe get a picture with her 🙂 Each class is assigned a Releve Rock Out (see the schedule on the back) where they will perform the choreography they learned in their master class on stage.  You will need your bag tag from Erica to get into the class.  A few winners will be selected for fun prizes.  There is no extra charge to be in the Releve Rock Out and we would like to see ALL of our dancers out there on stage.

Doors Open 4:15
Keep on Dancing – Sydney 106 4:44
Masquerade Ball – Vienna 116 5:06
Life of the Party – Nevaeh 118 5:11
Jet Set – Kellie 120 5:16
Don’t Rain on My Parade – Ali 128 5:33
Schweine – Saige 137 5:55
Titanium – Shakira 139 6:01
Dirt – Marissa 156 6:39
Awards for all solos to this pointe expect Dirt 6:40
Lucky Seven – Kate 161 7:39
Dog Days Are Over – Olivia May 163 7:44
Reflections – Kyra 170 8:00
Fire Breather – Mikalea 177 8:17
Halo – Savannah 178 8:19
Into the Darkness – Cassie 179 8:22
Landfill – Jenaca 181 8:27
Xprexa – Sarah 184 8:34
Show Stopper – Sam 188 8:43
Powertrip – Julia 204 9:22
Toxic – Julia 212 9:41
Awards for all remaining solos 10:00

Master Class for Level 2 and 3A 8:00-9:15
Oh So Quiet 306 9:14
Master Class for Level 3B, 4, and 5 9:30-11:00
Little Party 320 9:49
Electric Dream 334 10:23
Come Fly Away 348 10:56
Heart Cry 360 11:24
Resolve 362 11:29
Firework 375 11:59
Master Class For Rising Stars and Level 1 11:15-12:00
Awards and Rockout  for Duets, So Quiet & Little Party  12:15
Respect 395 1:33
Gargoyles 398 1:41
Rain 406 2:02
Swan Lake Spanish 412 2:18
Awards and Rockout for 3A, Rain, & Respect 2:40
Breathe Me 421 3:27
Churn of the Century 424 3:35
Shipwreck 432 3:57
Sweet Music 434 4:03
Blending Out 438 4:13
The Rescue 441 4:20
Home 444 4:27
This Modern World 452 4:49
Where Is My Mind 457 5:03
Awards and Rockout for 3B, 4 & 5 5:40

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