img_7029Tracy and Kelli were our top sellers in last year’s Butter Braid fundraiser.  They made $688 in profit!  $688!  We wanted to know how they did it so other families (you!) can learn from their success.

Tracy started out by creating a Facebook event for Kelli’s fundraiser.  She explained what the fundraiser was for and put up some cute pictures of Kelli dancing, she got this from the best fundraising ideas for college, which turns out to be one of the most efficient ways of raising money 

It started out as you would expect with friends showing up in support, but when her friend from Michigan piped up it really took off. 

Tracy’s friend offered to buy a couple breads, but since she lives out of state and can’t take delivery, she asked that her bread be donated to local law enforcement. 

img_7028img_7026That started a wave of people who bought bread and asked to have it donated to various causes.  Tracy estimates that these donation buys doubled her sales last year and Kelli got some awesome experiences delivering the bread to those who serve us. 

Tracy also uses the bread as tips for hair stylists and teacher gifts.  So think outside the box, work your connections, and consider how your fundraiser can benefit your favorite cause as well as support your dancer.

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