We had an AMAZING time at Step Up this weekend!  The morning started early with a bit of snow but we made it across the pass and everyone arrived in Kamas with plenty of time to be ready.

The morning started with solos and it would be an understatement to say they did well!  We had dancers in the Overall Awards at every level.  Abby E. Received 2nd Overall Beginning Dancer.  Evie received 2nd Overall Beginning 2 Dancer.  Kaitlyn received 2nd Overall Intermediate Dancer being beat only by Matilda who was the top Intermediate dancer of the entire competition and got to perform her solo again just to show the crowd!  Finally Olivia O. and Rebeka took 2 of the three Advanced Overall spots receiving 3rd, and 2nd Overall respectively!  

Here are all of the solo results:

  • Rebeka (Bellyache): Platinum/Queen
  • Callie: was moved up a category and received gold
  • Olivia O: 2nd place (beat only by Beka), 3rd Overall Advanced
  • June: 1st place/Queen
  • Rebeka (People Help): 1st Place/Queen, 2nd Overall Advanced
  • Chalese: 3rd Place
  • Abby E: 1st Place/Queen, 2nd Overall Beginning
  • Piper: 2nd Place
  • Ila: 1st Place/Queen
  • Matilda: 1st Place/Queen, 1st Overall Intermediate
  • Kaitlyn: 1st Place/Queen, 2nd Overall Intermediate 
  • Evie: 1st Place/Queen, 2nd Overall Beginning 2
  • Danna: 1st Place/Queen
  • Betsy: 1st Place/Queen
  • Kate A: 1st Place/Queen
  • Abbie (A+E): Silver
  • Aspen: 3rd Place
  • Kamryn: 3rd Place
  • Lexie: 2nd Place
  • Izzie: 1st Place
  • Kaelynn: 3rd Place
  • Abbie (Electro): Gold/Queen

I so appreciate how kind and supportive our dancers were of each other whether they won or lost.  It can be hard to be happy for your friend if she wins and you don’t, and it can be just as hard to be a gracious winner if your friend loses, but our dancers handled it beautifully.

“We think you’re all that and a bag of chips”

Before group dances began our dancers made deliveries to the other studios of these super cute gifts that Heidi Stoddard, Julie Baker and Kelly Edwards.  I love what they are teaching our girls about being good humans while competing.  They also made small treats for each of the dancers on our team.  It makes my heart happy.

Once groups began in was a whirlwind of activity until awards began.  Thanks to everyone who was organized and ready, and everyone who helped make sure we were all where we needed to be!

Group awards came out as follows:

  • Crazy In Love: Gold
  • The Floor Is Lava: Gold
  • Hero: 1st Place
  • Brother: Gold
  • Defiance: Gold
  • Betty Boop: 2nd Place
  • Uptown Somethin: 2nd Place
  • Wake Me Up: 2nd Place
  • Complaint Department: 3rd Place
  • Game Over: 3rd Place
  • Distortion: 1st Place (tie)
  • Open a Book, Fall In: 1st Place
  • Bodak: These guys got moved up TWO categories and then got gold.  We were told afterwards that if they hadn’t had to been moved categories they would have won BEST HIP HOP OF THE ENTIRE COMPETITION!  I can’t say enough about the hard work this team has put in over the last month.  
  • Hey Jude: 1st Place

On top of that Bodak and Hey Jude both won choreography awards.  Wake Me Up, Game Over, Complaint Department and Distortion all were recognized for outstanding costumes.  Distortion received best Showmanship and best Technique.  This made them the only dance in the competition to be nominated for ALL of the specialty awards.  

Finally, Open a Book won Best Beginning routine of the entire competition, Hey Jude won best Intermediate routine of the entire competition, and Distortion was the best Jazz routine of the entire competition (Distortion pretty much just won everything possible – the judges LOVED it)

Special thanks to Heidi and Mike Stoddard for the pictures.  If you’d like to see all of them and download your favorites they are posted in the “Dance Concepts Moms & Dads” group on Facebook.  It’s a private group, but we’ll probably let you in 😉 If you have pics you want to share please add them to the mix.

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