The schedule is out! Please remember that these times are approximations and not every competition does a fantastic job of running on time. Also, don’t forget dress rehearsal this Wednesday at Dance Concepts. Dancers should be there at 7:15 ready to go. We will be in full hair and makeup. Parents don’t need to be at the full dress rehearsal, but should attend the parent meeting from 8:30-9:00. We will also be running regular classes that day so if you are in Pointe, Contemporary, or Mini Company please be in class.

And here it is….


#104 The Flame 4:36PM
# 110 Miss Otis 4:54PM
#140 Still Alive 6:11 PM
#146 Schveine 6:27 PM
#147 Virtual Diploma 6:29 PM
#149 Meddle 7:02 PM
#151 We Will Not Grow Old 7:07 PM
#152 Creator 7:09 PM
#162 Talking To The Moon 7:35 PM
#166 Maria 7:45 PM
#168 A Thorn 7:50 PM
#170 Consideration 7:55 PM
#194 Writer’s Block 8:57 PM
#199 Mea 9:11 PM

#329 Big Time 12:17 PM
#370 Tea Party 3:02 PM
#379 Dinah 3:29 PM
#401 Fugata 4:33 PM
#406 One Night in Bangkok 4:48 PM
#417 Another Town 5:18 PM
#433 Lorraine 6:05 PM
#435 Both Reached for the Gun Teen 6:11 PM
#439 Gray 6:23 PM

This competition takes place at Dixie High School (350 E. 700 S.). We believe, but are not totally sure, that ALL dances will be in the auditorium. Whoot whoot!
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If you’re not sure about the name of one or more of your dances, post your question in the comments and we’ll help you out.


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Erica · March 27, 2011 at 3:38 pm

Saturday we don’t start until after noon and we’re done before dark! Rockin!

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