Our spring show is June 9th at Murray High School.  There will be a show at 6:00 and a show at 8:00.  Tickets are $5 through June 7th and $7 after that.

The order for our two shows can be found below.  If your dancer is in more than one dance please be aware of which is first so you know which costume to arrive in.  Dancers should arrive 30 minutes before their show starts.

6:00 Show
Another Town-Jazz 4
I’m Cute-Wed 9:00am First Steps
Dinah-Jazz 5
Popular-Wed 9:45am Petite Performers
Miss Otis
Tessa’s Pointe Variation
New Way to Walk-Tues 4:15 First Steps
Whip My Hair-Wed 6:30 Hip Hop
Writers Block
I Enjoy Being a Girl-Tues 5:00 Petite Performers
A Thorn
America!-Wed 6:30 Ballet 1
Jacey and Autumn’s Pointe Variation
Dance of the Hours-Wed 5:30 First Steps
Oh So Quiet-Wed 6:00 Rising Stars
We Will Not Grow Old
E.T. – Wed 5:30 Hip Hop
Talking to the Moon
Fugata-Ballet 4
Piano Sonata in Purple-Wed 6:15 Petite Performers
Supermodel-Tues 4:30 Jazz 1
Lorraine-Jazz 5


8:00 Show
Another Town
Big Time
Ugly Bug Ball-Tue 10:00am First Steps
All That Jazz-Thurs 6:00 Teen Jazz
Night Sky-Thurs 5:30 Ballet 2
Brand New Key-Mon 3:30 Petite Performers
Jenna’s Pointe Variation
The Flame
Hop Skip and Jump-Mon 6:00 First Steps
Mikel’s Pointe Variation
Cooler Than Me-Mon 6:30 Hip Hop
Both Reached for the Gun
Fly to Your Heart-Thurs 4:30 Petite Performers
Light the Match-Thurs 4:30 Jazz 2
Tea Party
Friend in Me-Mon 4:30 Rising Stars
Pas de Rue-Mon 4:30 Ballet 1
One Night in Bangkok
When Will Life Begin-Thurs 6:00 Rising Stars
Virtual Diploma
Club Can’t Handle Me-Thurs 6:00 Hip Hop
Aint No Other Man-Mon 5:30 Jazz 1
Still Alive


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