This weekend was a bit of a bonus competition for us.  We took three of our top group dances and any soloists that wanted to sign up for an extra showing to Releve Nationals in Saratoga Springs. 

It was quite different having so few dancers there, but we really enjoyed getting to spend more time with each one of them and their parents. 

Betsy won all the things

Friday night went quite well.  Allie received a Blue Diamond for her solo and Kate and Mona each received White Diamonds.  Betsy really cleaned up at awards.  She was crowed Teen Novice High Point Queen and received a massive trophy, sash, tierra, jacket and $100 gift card!

Saturday morning we had more solos.  Kaitlyn, Nevaeh and Aspen each performed.  This time Kaitlyn and Nevaeh walked away with Pink Diamonds and Aspen received a blue.

Then there was a long break in the day.  Most of us left to take care of regular life (jk, dance is life!) but Kaitlyn made us all proud by staying and taking the master class from Alex Clark.  Level 5 got in their annual dinner at the Black Bear Diner.

Late that night our three group dances finally got to perform. 

Seven Sins and Sun both received Pink Diamond and Goodbye was the judge’s favorite receiving White Diamond Second.

After awards there were a few tears as everyone remembered it was Rachel’s last competition before she’ll graduate this June.

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