Our last competition of the season has come and gone!  It was a great one.  So many of our dancers had their best performance of the year.  We also had quite a few dances in the overall awards!

Personally, I’m not tired of these dances yet.  I could watch them performed again and again, but this weekend I started to get excited about next season.  Our dancers are performing better than ever.  They’ve grown – and it’s time to ask more of them.  The dances they were ready for at the beginning of this year aren’t the dances they are ready for now.  I’m proud of their development and progress this year and excited to give them new challenges.

Solo Results:

  • Everything At Once – Callie – Pink Diamond
  • Higher Ground – Matilda – White Diamond
  • Not About Angels – Kamryn – Pink Diamond
  • Breathe Me – Lexi – Blue Diamond
  • The Escape – Kaitlyn A – White Diamond
  • Toxic – Aspen – Pin Diamond
  • Inkslinger – Betsy – White Diamond
  • Again – Izzy – White Diamond – 2nd Attendant Overall
  • Never Let Me Go – Kaelynn – White Diamond – 3rd Attendant Overall
  • People Help the People – Rebeka – White Diamond
  • Way Down – Olivia O – White Diamond – 6th Attendant Overall
  • Bellyache – Rebaka – White Diamond – 1st Attendant Overall
  • Elektro – Abbie P – Blue Diamond
  • PYT – Kate Arbon – White Diamond 
  • A+E – Abbie P – Pink Diamond
  • Pure Imagination – Abby E – White Diamond
  • Material Girl – Chalese – White Diamond – 9th Attendant Overall
  • Beautiful – Evie – Pink Diamond 
  • Fully Dressed – Piper – Blue Diamond
  • La Vie En Rose – Ila – White Diamond – Overall Queen
  • B. E. A. T. – Danna – White Diamond – Overall Queen
  • Silent In Paris – June – Pink Diamond

On Saturday all of the dancers attending the competition were invited to take a master class with Precious Stovall.  From these classes, the top dancers were invited to perform again on stage in the Releve Rockout.  Axel, Danna, Abby E, Camilynn and Betsy were all selected.  We are SO proud of them!  At the Rockout Camilynn and Abby were further honored being selected as 4th and 1st attendant!

By the end of the day on Saturday we were fighting through a couple of minor injuries.  The ice packs were plentiful in our dressing room.  Aspen was struggling with intense shin splits and Matilda had rolled her ankle earlier in the day.  Both were able to perform, but Matilda only made it through half of Hey Jude before discreetly leaving the stage so she didn’t have to do the leap.

Group Results:

  • Hero – High Point White Diamond 2nd
  • Game Over – High Point White Diamond 8th
  • The Floor Is Lava – White Diamond
  • Betty Boop – Pink Diamond
  • Open a Book – High Pointe Blue Diamond 1st
  • Uptown Somethin – High Point Blue Diamond 2nd
  • Wake Me Up – Pink Diamond
  • Brother – White Diamond
  • Bodak – Pink Diamond
  • Complaint Department – High Point White Diamond 1st
  • Defiance – High Point Blue Diamond 
  • Distortion – High Point White Diamond 3rd
  • Crazy In Love – White Diamond – Choreography/Artistic Judges Choice Award
  • Hey Jude – High Point White Diamond 2nd

Auditions for next year’s team are May 4th! We’d love to see you there!

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