Before we even start moving, dancers need to know the 6 basic foot positions.  Five of the six are based in ballet, but it’s good for all dancers to know them as part of the common language of dance.

Parallel and First Ballet Positions

Dancers in First Steps (3 year olds) should know the difference between parallel and 1st position.  It’s important that the entire leg rotates from the hip joint in order to turn the feet out.  It’s fine for young dancers to use a small degree of turnout.  As they progress, we’ll work to increase their range.

Second Position of Ballet

In Petite Performers (4-5 year olds) we add 2nd position.

Third Position of Ballet

Rising Stars (age 5-7) begin working with 3rd position.

Balet 1 (ages 7+) continues using 1st-3rd positions and focuses on using a great degree of turnout.

Fourth and Fifth Positions of Ballet

In Ballet 2 and beyond, 3rd position gets replaced by 5th position (and rarely ever gets used again) and we also begin working in 4th position.

Help your dancer at home by quizzing them on the positions that should be covered in their level.  Knowing the basic positions well will allow them to focus on the next step in class.

Foot Models

Thanks to our lovely foot models!

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Julie · May 29, 2012 at 10:07 am

I was just googling “Ballet Positions” to post some ideas for picture day, and these fabulous feet popped up in the search. Nice 5th position!

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