With some new faces on staff at Dance Concepts this year we will be doing a few blog posts to let you get to know our new teachers.  Today we asked how everyone spent their summer vacation.  Dance Concepts had a great summer session, made an appearance in a coming film, was featured on KUTV’s Fresh Living, and had the flooring in The Loft relayed.  It was a fun and full summer.  Read below to see how your favorite teacher spent her summer.

Alana FergusonYou may recognize Alana Feugson from last year.  She has subbed at Dance Concepts before and is back this year as a full teacher.  Alana went home to visit her family, then spent three months in Alaska where her fiancé is stationed.  She did a lot of crappie fishing, camping, hiking, climbing and motorcycle riding..

Erica Ethington ParaglidingErica Ethington spent her summer in school but is very happy to have now graduated with her bachelors degree from the University of Utah.  She ran the Ragnar Relay and spent a day experimenting with paragliding.

Elizabeth Laurent BackpackingElizabeth Laurent moved to Utah from Virginia over the summer.  We’re so happy to have her here at Dance Concepts.  Along with her husband and baby, Elizabeth spent the summer backpacking and exploring Salt Lake City.  So far they are enjoying their move and the new city.

Many of you already know Marisa Larsen and remember when her daughter Charolette was born.  Charolett is one now and very active.  Marisa spent her summer chasing after her, pulling weeds until her fingers bled, and devouring cups of coconut flavored shaved ice.

Allene at Her WeddingAllene Paige got married this summer!  As she said

I planned, I plotted, I sewed, I invited, I decorated and finally said: “I Do”

Allene is looking forward to never getting married again.  It was the highlight of her summer and the highlight of her life.

We’d love to hear what our students did over the summer too!  Feel free to leave us a message in the comments.  Also, if your teacher wasn’t featured here and you’re dying to hear about her summer, let us know and we’ll see if we can talk her into sharing.

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Rachel Norton · September 12, 2011 at 2:28 pm

I meant to send in a photo, I have LOTS of photos! 🙂 But this summer I mainly worked (at my lame 8-5 job) but I was also busy camping and training my dog and spending time with my niece! 🙂

-Rachel Norton

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