With just a little bit of prep you’ll be the most ready dancer on the floor.  Keep reading to have the best first dance of dance EVER! 

1-2 Weeks Before Your 1st Day: 

Consult the dress code.  Try on anything you already have to make sure it still fits.  Come by Dance Concepts to order any new dance wear you need.  It will be BUSY the first week of classes, and if you need to buy shoes or a leotard then, you’ll probably have to wait in line. 

The Day Before:

Lay out your dance clothes just like you would choose your outfit for the first day of school.

If you have three or more classes in one day, pack a snack to much in between.

Be sure your shoes are labeled with your name on the inside since they’ll look just like everyone else’s.

Talk with your dancer about what to expect.  Except for our Dance With Me classes, parents are not inside the classroom.  Younger dancers will have an easier time adjusting if they are prepared.  Even older dancers like to know in advance if you plan to drop them off and go run errands, stay and watch class through our viewing windows, or if you’ll be out in the car. 

First Day of Dance!

Come a few minutes early to get yourself settled.  My old ballet teacher’s favorite saying was “If you’re 5 minutes early, you’re 10 minutes late.”

Stop outside and take a First Day of Dance picture (like the one at the top of the article.)  Tag us on Instagram so we can leave you some love!

Check the sign so you’ll know what room your class is meeting in.

If you’re in a combo class (ie you’ll learn ballet and tap in the same class) plan on wearing your ballet shoes first.

When you’re in the waiting area, introduce yourself!  This goes for parents and students.  The more people you know at the studio, the more fun you’ll have.  And if you’ve been around for a while now, help us make our new friends feel welcome!

Go for it!  Even if you’ve danced at DC before there are sure to be some new things that you might feel silly doing, or might not be great at just yet.  The more you just go for it and don’t worry about what you look like the faster you’ll progress.  Give class your very best effort and you’ll be proud of yourself and the dancer you become.

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