Gotta Move C3We just finished up our last competition of the season and it was a big one!  Gotta Move spanned three days with up to three stages running simultaneously.  We kicked off the competition with most of our solos on Thursday. 

We were especially happy that both of our seniors ended their years with excellent performances, winning Queen in both of their divisions.  We’re proud to call them ours and thankful that we’ve gotten to know and dance along side them for so many years.  They’ve added so much to Dance Concepts and to our teams. 

Gotta Move Overall QueenWe’re also especially proud of Katelynn who was honored with Overall Queen for her solo “Colors.”

Two of our dancers, Saige and Savannah, were awarded judges choice awards which the judges give to their personal favorite dances of the night.  Savannah also received Best Choreography for Divinity (choreographed by Erica.) Rebekah received Best Showmanship for her excellent commitment and emotional performance.  Kelli won best costume.

  • IMG_8214Aspen – 2nd Attendant
  • Maren – 1st Attendant
  • Kelli – 2nd Attendant and Best Costume
  • Kenzie – 1st Attendant
  • Nevaeh – 1st Attendant
  • Katelynn – Queen and Overall Queen
  • Isabella – 3rd Attendant
  • Allie – 1st Attendant
  • Matilda – Queen
  • Kenna – 2nd Attendant
  • Rachel – 1st Attendant
  • Savannah (Lament) – Queen
  • Rebeka – Queen and Best Showmanship
  • Kate – 1st Attendant
  • Saige – 1st Attendant and Judges Choice
  • Mikaela – Queen
  • Olivia W – 2nd Attendant
  • Savannah (Divinity) – Platinum, Best Choreography, and Judges Choice

We then had two solos on Friday (they were in auditions for Hillcrest Drill Team on Thursday – they both made the team and Olivia W made Alta Cheer this weekend too!)

  • Gotta Move MatildaOlivia O – 1st Attendant
  • Olivia R – Queen

If I was giving out my personal own solo awards they would go to Matilda and Nevaeh.  Both of those girls gave the best performances I have ever seen from them. 

Saturday started early!  In addition to our regular team dances, a couple of our non-competitive classes came with us to compete their recital dances.  It was so much fun to have them along!  They did a great job even though they were competing against kids with WAY more competition experience. 

Gotta Move J4Honestly, Saturday wasn’t our best scoring day ever, but we learned some things, enjoyed each other, and came home excited and inspired to be even better.  We did receive some specialty awards.  Judges recognized Be Our Guest, I See the Light, Ain’t Nothing Wrong, Mr Postman and Portrait for their outstanding costumes.  Portrait and History Repeating were awarded Best Choreography, choreographed by Jenna and Julie respectively.

(This award ceremony was one of the longest, hottest, most confusing award ceremonies ever – if it wasn’t for all of you, it would have been miserable.)

  • Gotta Move Be Our GuestBe Our Guest – 2nd Place and Best Costume Award
  • I See The Light – 2nd Place and Best Costume Award
  • La La La – 2nd Place
  • Ain’t Nothing Wrong – 2nd Place and Best Costume Award
  • Please Mr Postman – 4th Place and Best Costume Award
  • Gotta Move Mr PostmanFeelin Good – 4th Place
  • Portrait – 3rd Place, Best Choreography, and Best Costume Award
  • In the Hall of the Mountain King – 2nd Place
  • Spotlight – 4th Place
  • There Will Be Time – 4th Place
  • Close My Eyes – 2nd Place
  • Gotta Move PortraitLost at Sea – 3rd Place
  • Something Wild – 2nd Place
  • Divas – 4th Place
  • You Don’t Know – 4th Place
  • History Repeating – 3rd Place and Best Choreography
  • Voice Things – 3rd Place
  • Swell Season – 1st Place
  • In This Shirt – 3rd Place
  • Wicked Games – 2nd Place

Best April Fool Jokes of the day:

  • 1st Place – June showing up with her foot in a boot cast!
  • 2nd Place – Natalie convincing us that she was pregnant!

Final Note – big thanks to Heidi and family for the awesome stage pictures!  There are more on our Dance Concepts Moms and Dads Facebook group and they are AMAZING.  Go check them out.


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