After Saturday night's award ceremony.Dance Concepts competition teams had an outstanding weekend.  We spent it in St. George at Releve Dance Competition.  Solos and duets danced on Friday night and did very well.  We want to give a special shout out to the overall winners.  These are dances which placed in the top of their entire age/skill division.  We’re very proud of their performances and all of the work that went into them.

  • Miss Otis-Junior Novice Queen Overall
  • Still Alive-Teen Novice 2nd Attendant Overall
  • Schweine-Teen Competitive Queen Overall
  • Mea-Senior Competitive 2nd Attendant Overall
  • Writers Block-Senior Competitive Queen Overall
  • Virtual Diploma-Teen Duet/Trio High Point Overall Award

Saturday was the group dance competition.  There were some fantastic dances and we’re so proud of our teams and how well they placed.  Lorraine, danced by our Level 5 Jazz, was the Teen Competitive High Point winner beating out 27 other teams for the honor.  Gray put in a great performance and brought home the Teen Competitive Small Group High Point award.  Also, of note, Dinah and Another Town each won Pink Diamonds.


Our second competition will be Utah Dance Fest April 15-16.  Wish your team members luck as they go out to represent Dance Concepts.



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