Ballet ClassHere’s the schedule for our dress rehearsal.  Dress rehearsal is June 8th at Murray High School.  Please wear your costume to the school and come with your hair and makeup complete.  If you are in more than one dance, when you arrive you should place your costumes in a dressing room and then go sit with your first class.  If you are in one dance, just go sit with your class in the audience.

Dancers are welcome to leave after they have finished dancing.  If you have any questions please call the front desk at 801-566-2101.  You can also view the recital dance line up here (please note it is slightly different from the dress rehearsal order).

Dances are listed in the order they will perform at the dress rehearsal.  Please arrive at the time listed after your dance.

I’m Cute – Arrive at 6:30

Popular – Arrive at 6:30

New Way to Walk – Arrive at 6:30

Whip My Hair – Arrive at 6:30

I Enjoy Being a Girl – Arrive at 6:30

America! – Arrive at 6:30

Dance of the Hours – Arrive at 6:30

Oh So Quiet – Arrive at 6:30

E.T. – Arrive at 6:30

Piano Sonata in Purple – Arrive at 6:30

Supermodel – Arrive at 6:30

Another Town – Arrive at 6:30

Ugly Bug Ball – Arrive at 7:00

Dinah – Arrive at 7:00

All That Jazz – Arrive at 7:00

Night’s Sky – Arrive at 7:00

Brand New Key – Arrive at 7:00

Fugata – Arrive at 7:00

Hop Skip and Jump – Arrive at 7:00

Cooler Than Me – Arrive at 7:00

Both Reached for the Gun – Arrive at 7:00

Fly to Your Heart – Arrive at 7:00

Tea Party – Arrive at 7:00

Light the Match – Arrive at 7:00

Gray – Arrive at 7:00

Friend in Me – Arrive at 7:30

Pas de Rue – Arrive at 7:30

One Night In Bangkok – Arrive at 7:30

When Will My Life Begin – Arrive at 7:30

Club Can’t Handle Me – Arrive at 7:30

Aint No Other Man – Arrive at 7:30

Lorraine – Arrive at 7:30

If there is time at the end we will run solos by your request, we have to be out of the school by 8:30 though.



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