1. Go to http://amylynnstudios.smugmug.com/ and click on Dance Concepts. Click on the Groups gallery to view all the group portraits or your child’s gallery to view your child’s individual portraits. All group shots are in the first gallery titled “Groups”.

2. The gallery will appear with thumbnails on the left and a larger view of a selected image on the right.


3. When you scroll over the large image on the right with your mouse, a box pops up in the upper right hand corner of the image. Click on the blue square “i” icon located at the bottom of this box indicated by the orange arrow.


4. A box with the file name pops up. The file name is located at the bottom of the box indicated by the orange arrow. The 4-digit number is located after the _MG_.

5. Email the following to Amy Lynn Photography at studio@amylynnstudios.com
Studio Name:  Dance Concepts
Student Name:
In the email list each item you ordered with the 4-digit # you would like with that item.
Please specify the size you would like of each sheet you purchased. Each sheet is (1) 8×10, (2) 5×7 or (8) wallets of the same pose.

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