IMG_0634This weekend we attended Healing Through Movement.  It’s a non-profit dance competition that raises money for charity.  At the end of the night on Saturday we got to hear from girl who has muscular dystrophy and due to a newly developed drug, can now raise her arm above her head.  What a humbling thing after watching our dancers move freely all weekend long.  We are proud to have gotten to participate over the weekend and be a part of such a great cause.  But let’s back up to Friday…

Friday our soloists and trio performed!  To fit in all of the dancers they had to split the competition up between the auditorium and the gym.  We don’t really care to put our dances on a gym floor, but our dancers did a great job and the night was a lot of fun.  We’re very proud of both Mona and Aspen who were awarded “Best Technique” Friday night and of our THREE girls who were called in the overalls.  Kaitlyn and Nevaeh were respectively awarded 7th and 8th overall in the Novice division.  Aspen put in a fantastic performance and received 4th overall in the same division!

Friday Placements:

  • IMG_0599Abbie – Gold
  • Mona – 3rd place
  • Die Puppenfee – Gold
  • Ila – Queen
  • Kaitlyn – Queen
  • Nevaeh – Queen
  • Aspen – Queen
  • Leah – Gold
  • Allie – Gold
  • Betsy – Queen
  • Izzy – 2nd Place
  • Kaelynn – 3rd Place
  • Kate – Queen

Saturday started bright and early with Hip Hop having a 7:00am call time.  We kept ourselves busy between dances autographing each other’s shirts and making up creative new abdominal exercises (see our instagram if you missed it).  It was nice to have our dances a little more spread out than last time so we could spend some time just being together and enjoying our friendships. IMG_0603

The competition ran early all day on Saturday.  This is a great reminder of WHY we require dancers to be at the competition 90 minutes early.  We nearly had girls miss their dances which would have been a huge disappointment for them after putting in so much work all season long, and can also really hurt the rest of the team as well.  As a team, as a studio, and just as awesome people, let’s all do a better job of being on time and respecting our commitments. 

My three proudest moments of Saturday:

  1. Watching Sun rehearse right before they went on stage.  Almost had be tearing up… they are so beautiful to watch.
  2. When a Level 2 mom commented on how sweet our “big girls” are to the little ones.  They stopped in the middle of their own conversations to autograph shirts and give our younger dancers their attention.  I’m afraid they sometimes forget how much awe the little ones hold them in, but they never forget to be kind to them. 
  3. Watching The Seven (or The Eight – call in what you like) on stage and listening to all of the strangers sitting around us talking about what a cool dance it was.  There’s nothing quite like people who don’t know you appreciating your work. 

The Eight

Later that night, we found out that Awoo had been moved up a level by the judges.  We’re so proud of that dance for impressing them that much.  It was their best performance so far.  Awesome job Level 4!

Right before awards there was an improve contest on stage.  Two of our girls made it through to the finals.  Way to go Abby and Morgan!

Saturday Placements:

  • Matrix – SilverIMG_0617
  • How Long – 3rd Place
  • Burry – Gold
  • LOVE – 1st Place
  • Ruby Blue – 2nd Place
  • Drop Your Guard – 2nd Place
  • Shadows – 3rd Place
  • Cooties – 2nd Place
  • Awoo – Gold
  • Penny Lane – Gold and Best Costume
  • Sun – Gold
  • The Seven – 2nd Place
  • Goodbye – 2nd Place

We ended off our weekend with a late night trip to Leatherby’s for more ice-cream that we could have possibly needed.  Thanks everyone for the fun times and the beautiful moments this weekend.  -Erica


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