Often when a dancer puts on a costume for the first time, their dance really comes alive.    It helps them transform into the character they are meant to be and can take their performance to a new level.  In the same way, dressing appropriately for class helps our dancers be focused and give their class work the respect and effort it deserves.

Help your dancer succeed by being sure she’s dressed appropriately for dance class every week.

Most recommended dance wear is available for purchase at Dance Concepts. (We don’t carry half soles but you can buy them here.)  If you have any questions about what is required for your specific class please shoot us an email 🙂

Dance With Me, First Steps, Petite Performers, Rising Stars:

dress code for younger dancersDancers should be dressed in a light pink leotard and light pink ballet tights.  Simple attached skirts are allowed.  Hair should be pulled up into a bun.  No large jewelry that might distract dancers.

  • Dance With Me dancers need pink leather ballet shoes*
  • First Steps and Petite Performers dancers need pink leather ballet shoes* and black tap shoes
  • Rising Stars Dancers need pink leather ballet shoes* and tan, slip on jazz shoes

*Most ballet shoes come with a drawstring to help them better fit dancers feet. The drawstring is a functional part of the shoe and was not meant to be a decorative bow (you may have noticed they don’t tie up very well). Adjust the drawstring to you dancers foot being careful not to pull it too tight and tie it in a double knot. Then cut the ends down so only 2-3 inches remain. The remaining ends then get tucked inside the shoe. Wearing your shoes correctly saves teachers from wasting class time retying shoes and also teaches dancers the correct way to wear their ballet shoes from the very beginning. It’s the same way “real” ballerinas all over the world wear theirs.


Ballet dancers should be dressed in pink tights and a black leotard.  Hair must be pulled up into a bun.  Dancers need pink ballet shoes in either leather or canvas.  Shoe drawstrings should be tucked in.

Tumbling, Jazz and Contemporary

Dancers should be dressed in tight fitting bottoms (leggings or spandex shorts) and a leotard or tight fitting tank top.  Hair should be pulled up.

  • Jr Jazz and Teen Jazz dancers need tan slip on jazz shoes
  • Mini and Prodigy Team dancers need tan slip on jazz shoes
  • Jazz 3, 4, & 5 dancers need flesh colored half soles
  • All contemporary dances need flesh colored half soles
  • Tumblers should be bare foot

Hip Hop

Hip Hop dancers should be dressed in comfortable clothing they can move in like sweats or basketball shorts paired with a t-shirt or tank top.  Wear sneakers and bring your own style to class.

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