Jazz DancerOur final competition of the year is here.  We’re dancing at Utah State University in the Kent Concert Hall which is in the CSA Production Services Building at the intersection of Bullen Hall and E 700 N in Logan.

Here’s the lineup:


Meddle                                                  3:45pm
Consideration                                      4:00pm
Talking to the Moon                            4:06pm
A Thorn                                                  4:30pm
Creator                                                  4:51pm
Still Alive                                               6:39pm
The Flame                                            7:00pm
Miss Otis                                                8:42pm
Schweine                                               9:06pm
We Will Not Grow Old                         9:42pm
Awards for All Friday Dances           10:00pm

Gray                                                       9:09am
Dinah                                                     9:51am
Fugata                                                   10:24am
Lorraine                                                 11:39am
Another Town                                       12:27pm
Big Time                                              12:42pm
Awards all dances that have gone   1:45pm
Virtual Diploma                                    3:15pm
Writer’s Block                                       3:39pm
Maria                                                      4:09pm
Mea                                                        4:33pm
Tea Party                                               5:15pm
Both Reached for the Gun                 6:15pm
One Night in Bangkok                        8:27pm
Dance Down                                        9:10pm
Awards for remaining dances          10:30pm

This competition does not charge spectators.  There is no photography or videography of any dances allowed at this competition.  You may take pictures in the dressing rooms or backstage only.

All dancers are invited to participate in the Dance Down on Saturday.  Cost is $10 paid to Celebrity on the day of the event.  It works like an audition:  dancers are taught a routine on stage and then go through a number of cuts to get to the top few dancers.  Those of our dancers who have done it before have said it was a great experience.  If you are planning on attending the Dance Down please bring the shoes you are most comfortable in and wear appropriate dancewear for a jazz or contemporary class.


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