This weekend we’ll be competing at Releve’s National competition at Herriman High School (11917 S. 6000 W.)  Admission is free and the competition is local so it’s a great one to invite friends and family to if have been wanting to come.

Master classes will take place in the gym, all dances and awards will be in the auditorium.  Please note that duets/trios are performing on Saturday morning instead of Friday night.

Dont’ miss out on your Master Class!  This competition will feature Lauren Froderman from So You Think You Can Dance season 7! Check her out at the bottom of this post…

#143 Just Can’t Do It Alone               4:51 PM
#153 Paris To Berlin                           5:16 PM
#160 Cosmic Love                              5:34 PM
#162 Vintage                                        5:39  PM
#168 Knockin                                       5:56 PM
#204 Secret                                          7:59 PM
#210 Dog Days Are Over                   8:15 PM
#214 Cooler Couler                            8:26 PM
#220 No Remorse                               8:42 PM
#221 Walking on Air                           8:44 PM
Awards for Can’t Do It Alone             6:35 PM
#222 Self-Explained                           8:46 PM
#224 Woman Scorned                       8:52 PM
#238 Little Bird                                     9:30 PM
#250 Sail                                               10:04 PM
#254 Requiem                                     10:14 PM
#256 Mr. Cellophane                          10:19 PM
#256 The Cha Cha                             10:35 PM
Awards for all other solos                  10:45 PM


Master Class for Minis                        8:30-9:30
Master Class for Level 3                    11:00-12:30
#330 Diamonds Are A Girl’s BF        11:18 AM
#372 Sounds Of Summer                                 1:10 PM
Awards for Mini Team and All Duets               1:30 PM
Master Class for Levels 4&5             2:00-3:30
#384 It’s About That Walk                  2:41 PM
#422 Mid Summer Serenade           4:42 PM
#424 The Flock                                    4:47 PM
#436 The Cave                                    5:24 PM
Awards for Level 3                              5:30 PM
#474 Feel Good Time                        7:57 PM
#478 Glukoza Nostra                          8:09 PM
Awards for Level 4-5                           9:00 PM

(High Point Awards for Level 3’s categories will also be in the 9:00 PM ceremony but they will get their diamond placement and do their dance down in the 5:30 ceremony)


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