Competition Team

Twin Falls Competition Schedule

IMG_2367Here is the preliminary schedule for this weekend!  Remember that it is preliminary.  You should check the program for any schedule changes as soon as you arrive at the competition.  Remember you need to be at the school at least 90 minutes before your scheduled time.  Don’t forget to come cheer for the dances you are not in and to be dressed in your DC warmups when you are not on stage or in your master class!The competition is held at Twin Falls High School at 1615 Flyer Ave.  On Friday we will be in the auditorium which is on the east side of the school.  There are not assigned dressing rooms on Friday so just look for our group in the area just outside of where you enter the auditorium.  Watch for our dancers and ask the competition staff if you can’t find us.  We will do our best to be looking for you!  Make sure you are in your DC gear so we can spot you.  Since this is our first time at this competition allow yourself a little extra time to find your way.  Once you find your team, stay with the group. (more…)

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