Exercises For Dancers

Ankle Presses on a Step to Strengthen Your Eleve and Releve

As dancers we tend to spend a lot of time on demi pointe.  Ballet, jazz, contemporary, and even tap dancers can benefit from strengthening and improving their releve (hip hop dancers, you can have a pass here-but do the exercises anyway, strength is good).  Dancers who are working towards getting pointe shoes should pay special attention to developing a very solid releve to demi pointe.  Even parents and siblings who would like to strengthen their calves and ankles are welcome to play.

The only tool required today is a step (any step will do, even a curb, but it’s best if you have a wall or banister to hold for balance).  Start with your toes on the edge of a step and your heel hanging down below the level of your toes. (more…)

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Warm Ups

Check out our new sweats this year!  Jackets are available for $30, and pants for $25.  These sweats are only available by pre-ordering.  Don’t miss out!  Orders are due by January 31st. Print an order form here.

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Recital Videos

Favorite Dance Moment from 2010

Over dinner on New Year’s Eve Julie and I were going over our personal highlights of 2010.  We both agreed that one of our favorite Dance Concepts moments of the year was at Utah Dance Fest when Jenna, Tessa, and Mikel each won queen in their category.  Each of their solos is well worth watching and can be found below.  All choreography is by Julie Edison.  Do you have a favorite dance moment from 2010? (more…)

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Teacher Interviews

Meet the Teacher-Constanza Murphy

[caption id="attachment_63" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Constanza with Missouri Contemporary Ballet"]Constanza with Missouri Contemporary Ballet[/caption] Tell us about your dance training and education: I started dancing when I was 3 at a RAD school in England: light blue leotard, pink socks, pink shoes...When I was 6, we moved to Texas where I went to an unfortunate studio until I was 10 and we moved to Alaska. North Star Ballet is where I really started to train, and I left Alaska for the University of Utah when I was 17. The U ballet department didn't take me my first year auditioning, but I was stubborn and tried again the next year. I graduated in 2007 and have been dancing around as much as possible since then! What is your favorite dance you’ve ever performed? Oh...there was one where we dressed in bubble wrap and duct tape, that was pretty fantastic. (more…)

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New Year, New Look!

It’s been a long time coming, but Dance Concepts finally has new signs! We hope everyone had a fantastic holiday and is enjoying (or at least putting up with) this crazy Utah weather we’re having.  We’ll see you on January 3rd when dance classes start again!

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