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Traditional and elegant, ballet teaches skills that last a lifetime. Classes start out a the barre performing plies, tends and ronds de jambe. Then we’ll move into the center where we’ll practice slow, beautiful arms and balances. We’ll learn different kinds of turns and jumps and finally end class moving across the full floor.


Ballet dancers perform in our two annual recitals. Nothing is more magical than taking the stage in a tutu and performing for a full audience.

8-11 Year Old Dance Classes


If your dancer is more into popular music and loves a good beat she might prefer jazz! Jazz dancers learn kicks, turns and work on improving their strength and flexibility. Styles of Jazz range from the dance you see on a Broadway stage, to the dance in a basketball half time show. Jazz is a great choice for dancers who might want to dance on a high school dance or drill team.


Jazz dancers perform in our two annual recitals. They bring energy and excitement to the stage and have a blast doing it.


Contemporary classes combine the grace of ballet with more modern movement and music. It’s a very expressive style dance and often appears on So You Think You can Dance. Think of long, wistfully reaching arms and beautifully dramatic performances. Our contemporary class is a favorite among new dances.


We recommend this class for dancers ages 10+

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is fun and funky. This is a great choice for dancers who are the star of the show in their own bedrooms and dancers who love to add their own flavor to their dance. Hip Hop is our most popular class for boys who want to dance.


We also offer Tumbling classes for dancers ages 8-11. We generally recommend tumbling as an add-on class, but it can be taken alone. Tumblers start with a warm up to get their blood pumping and muscles ready to go. They will then spend some time on strength and flexibility exercises. After that, we get to start working on tricks! Tumblers get to progress at their own speed, so once your child has mastered one skill, they can start on the next without waiting for the rest of the class.


Tumbling classes do not perform in our recitals. For this reason we recommend taking a different, dance based class in addition to your tumbling class.


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